Mixed Fruit Chaat in KBs – The Highway Man (Book Review by Ayushi Singh)

I am a very boring person, I cannot deal with multiple things at a time ! It confuses me ! Love, Sorrow, Confusion, Doubt, Despair, Ignorance , Happiness and Contentment ! All these things together make me go astray. However I can feel the gradual change in each word used in this book.
If you are unsure of the genre of your choice?
If you are confused in choosing something to read.
If you are hopeless and helpless !
If you think you want all tastes of life in one go !
If you want to read a love story !
Then believe me ! Spare just one hour of your life, and read ‘ The Highway Man’ (I think I am sounding like an OLD TV COMMERCIALS…Never mind !!)
Don’t just read ‘The Highway Man’ , but taste every bit of it. Its not only attractive but possess all flavors from life. From a dishearten father to a crazy writer, from a lovely couple to a broken family.
Each one of us have at least have ONE HIGHWAY MAN in our lives ! This work of my friend J ALCHEM, may help you realize who are they 🙂
If you are going through all reviews to judge this work, do it for yourself. It will save your enough time. I am sure few KBs(Kilo Bytes) will definitely motivate you !
Happy Reading !
God Bless you Alchem , Our Highway Man !

गरीब हूँ साहब !

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