An Interview with Author Anuj

#15DaysofGratitude DAY FIVE with AUTHOR ANUJ

When you talk about inspiration, I draw inspiration from life. The people that I work with.
Jamie Brewer

One more gem added in my life. Mr. Anuj Arjun! (Author Anuj)
In the year 2019, I got an opportunity to meet this wonderful personality who interviewed me for his channel #LetsTalk for my recently published work – Child of True Lovers.

You cannot afford to miss this meeting as you will discover some deep & dark truth behind this book.

Know about Author Anuj

Anuj is an author of ‘A girl in Love with a Beggar’, ‘My Blind Father’ and Life in Words. Writing in his first book make The Hindu remember of Paulo Coelho. Stories of every genre on his blog says a lot how many hells and heavens he has been. Selling out the whole first edition of his first book, he proves we can have a dream which is not even in dreams of people around you. He started his journey where people don’t even think about being a writer. Working in IIT Roorkee, he is still devoting his everything for writing. He is loving life with words. He is bleeding on the keyboard to make his readers fall in love with life.

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