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DIPAYAN LODH , A Wizard with a Wand of Paint Brush !

In this digital era where we play with just pixel data, Team Ayushi Singh was amazed to find the talent like Dipayan Lodh! We are not only honored to have you featured on our platform, however, we are blessed that artist like you is still keeping the Traditional Art alive.

I have seen many…but none like him ! Dipayan…you are truely blessed and more are we who can feel the power  of colours the serenty in  your creations !

–  Ayushi Singh

In the words of Dipayan…

Every day we are surrounded by and interact with countless objects that are so common that they often go unnoticed. As an artist I am here to portray for the art of tea cups dropped on concrete… for the art of dancing in rain, raped beds, chairs with their brown bones broken, burning trees, rotten fish, hungry birds…all these untold stories captured in my works. I believe my viewers are part of my works, there is not only one single meaning of my work, it is open for all to interpret. My working medium is pen and ink on paper, acrylic on canvas , mixed media on ply board. I also do acrylic sheet sculptures.In my vision, I captured my journey as an artist and interpret in my way. I am not a realist, I choose symbols and distort objects to obtain dramatic feelings. Some of my works depict our society’s dual nature, the hypocrisy of people, my struggle to survive in this cruel world. These works are inspired by my life experiences.

I have done an anamorphic sculpture. It’s like playing with perspective. The way a person perceives the reality that can be abstract or meaningless to the other person. That’s why I believe my viewers are part of my work.

His Creations


Want to know more about him ??


Full Name: Dipayan Lodh


Professional Experience: 2-year working experience as the fine artist in Studio Zaki ( )

Date of Birth: 14 July 1985

Citizenship: Indian


  1. Two mixed media works of mine published on free web magazine ClixCraft in October,[Page no. : 59, 60. Link:
  2. My mixed media work “ untitled” published on Indian photo art magazine July 2013 edition.
  3. Art Attack Series “ published on world largest online art gallery named Art People
  4. Gallery. (
  5. Published on Indian Talent Magazine, March, 2014 edition, page no. 42. .


  • 2016: artist of the month for Spandan art festival in Delhi.
  • 2015: One of my works selected as “Artist of the year” at 4th Delhi International Film Festival.
  • 2014: national runner-up in poster making contest organized by “ Sahoyog India.


  • 2018: Participated in group show named “KOLKATA BANDISH”, Gaganendra Pradarshanisala, Kolkata
  • 2018: participated as a guest artist in “Menstrual Hygiene Day” program organized by Department of women and child development, Govt. of NCT Delhi.
  • 2017: participated as a guest artist in “Menstrual hygiene Day” program organized by Sachhi Saheli NGO.
  • 2015: One of my works exhibited in 4th Delhi International Film Festival.
  • 2015: participated in Prayas art 2015 in AIFACS gallery, Delhi
  • 2015: participated in a solo exhibition on 11th April 2015 at IIT Roorkee, Roorkee.
  • 2015: participated in a group exhibition “ ”quest” at the Lokayukta art gallery, Hauzkhas, Delhi.
  • 2015: participate in a group exhibition“ shrishty 2015”, Roorkee.
  • 2014: participated in the group exhibition “ Shrishty 2014”, Roorkee.

For any events or upcoming exhibitions connect with the artist on the given email id.

You can also connect with him on FB – Click Here

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  1. Ramkrishna Baral says:

    We are really proud of Dipayan. I know him since 2005. He is my batch mat. He is god gifted. I ‘m praying each success in his life.

  2. Ramkrishna Baral says:

    We are really proud of Dipayan. I know him since 2005. He is my batch mate. He is really a god gifted painter. I ‘m praying each success in his life.

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