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Predictions are always predictable
Happenings are going to happen soon….
Something unexpected……is running always
In our minds from morning till noon !
In the darkness when all de colourise
And die in the hope to wake up and rise
Except few notches in the sky
Straying to-fro from time to time
We enter in the world renowned
Yet unknown to all who have found
A world where involuntarily we act
Some go lost while some are crowned
Controlled by many, believe some
The myth lies still cumbersome
Some are ruled,few rule dream.
Several forget it like an uncommon scene !
Symbolic or story line…..
Indications or Horrifying…..
Whatsoever it is
its still one of the biggest quest !
Scientist quote it as ‘parallel universe’
or a reaction of our subconsciousness
Astrologers claim to be the stars
or maybe some past scars !!
Believers believe !
Superstition  feeds
Oh dear reader………
it is ….but….. not all concrete !

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