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Featured Author | Arasi Kamaldeen

First time on the platform we are featuring our friend from beyond borders! We congratulate Kamaldeen Arasi for participating in the contest and getting featured.

We love his writing style and especially the intention behind that art piece.

Let’s know more about Kamaldeen!

About the Author 

Let’s know more about the Author in his own words!

Full Name: Kamaldeen Arasi Moyosore

Location: Oluwole, Iseyin, Oyo State, Nigeria.

My name is Arasi Kamaldeen Moyosore born on 12th of June, 2000 to the family of Arasi Abdul-Wahid (biological father). My educational career started at L.A Demonstration School I and completed six years lesson there in the tear 2012. After that, I spent three years in Muslim Secondary School where I developed great passion for Law but fortunately when I left there for my Senior Secondary Education at Ekunle High School II, there I learned the power of Literature and its influence towards humanity and also the power of poetry that I learned from Mr. Olapade F.O. Since 2015, I have been writing poem especially on humanity. After completing my Secondary School Education this year, all I wish to do is to study English-Literature as a course in the Faculty Arts and Humanities. I love writing a poem, especially on humanity.

Thanks, Kamaldeen for your wonderful introduction, we can’t wait to read your creation …


In remembrance of three scores and eleven years back
Nothing happened but bloodthirstiness
Drenched our fertile land with some innocent, salty blood
Of our defending brass over a plate of sands

Peeping, from inside are the inconspicuous  spies
Arresting with their eyes our strategies
Kowtowing to the idea of our loyal betrayer
In utmost attentiveness, our hears open
Still, without any knowledge of their hypocrisy, we embarked
Trying hard to soften our own superpower like an obstinate goat
Appearing continuously in his previous deeds
Nothing we want except the harmonious harmony
Installed in our caring brutal heart

With a smile and volatile heart, we accept our so-called liberty
And with the sensible mind, the day got celebrated
Ruling ourselves peacefully for just a day before the advent of various skirmishes

Must we take a fight over an ephemeral piece of land?
Union of pen-wielders are but always in our midst
Stretching their arms of words to accomplish their blissful goals
Thought of harmony is always crossing their optimistic mind

Be it one or trillions of words said
Except for the words, nothing can transmute these silent  hassles

Cessation, only on it our tremendous dream lies
Extracting it only from the peace-like peroration
Affability and harmony the bi-states want
Saffron and the green want nothing but their beauty when combined
Elucidation of peaceful life our hearts’ demand
Dwell with us (harmony) eternally like the gifted air is our daily prayer

Harmony only needs to be discussed over some cup of tea
Not over some stream of our braves blood
And also it needs not to be discussed on the battleground
It can easily be solved even by a table talk

We want nothing but harmony.

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  1. Arasi Kamaldeen says:

    I’m immensely grateful to you Ayushi Singh and Teams.

    Thank you very much.

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