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Featured Author | Kinshuk Gupta ‘Vitaan’

Team Ayushi Singh is glad to connect with the Author Kinshuk Gupta ‘ Vitaan ‘ and honoured to share his two creations!

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About the Author

A young poetry enthusiast, Kinshuk Gupta writer under the pen name of ‘Vitaan’ which means ‘the sky’. As his pen name, his poems and stories delve into the complex and vast psychology of man. He also manages a page ‘Khwaishyen’ on Facebook in which he relates his grieves and insatiable desires of mind as a teenager. Adolescence is one of his most relished topics. He loves experimenting with different genres. He is an avid reader
and a nature lover.

Her Dead soul in coffin

A crimson orb was scintillating,

The canvas of God strewn by hues

From lightest yellow to bloody red

Virescent was colour of spring

The cuckoo chirpy, flowers beamed

Rustling leaves in their orchestra

Full of the mirth, the worldly heaven

But in the coffin her dead soul lies,

Whom I loved,I walked through yard,

Insignificant was my silhouette

to shriek to the world she is no more

it was a day, poignant and dark

with emotions grey and gloomy,

as night had cast her spell on us

How the world would cough beauty,

Without her, without its moon

She asconded the beauty of nature,

A light that glowed in my heart


We are snowed in these lofty mountains,

And the sunlight filters through the ice and brings hues,

She has a short frame and her smile is so amiable and charismatic,

We converse with each other and days melt into evenings and nights

The strong chilly breeze is the spectator and as it comes,

It hollows the pains and agony,

We float in numbing infinity and gaze the wilderness of Earth up from there

Our languid talks range from body parts, tingling sensations, society and relations,

We haven’t touched or kissed each other, bondage still creeps in my heart,

And I feel that some relations are just relations,

They neither have names nor any definitions.


My wife wants a romantic me, who just cares and caresses her,

Whenever she wants love, I give, whenever she wants pains, I give her

She knows to take, take and take and I just learned to give, give and give,

The said relations have no boundaries

Our relationship has to work for the sake of our daughters

They just don’t want crappy examples as their role models

And these relations are unaided like the lesions that worsen when opened,

And the emptiness from our relations echoes savagely like hounds,

Our relation is not a relation; it is just bondage due to our daughters.


And there are two kinds of bondage:

One that lures,

Other which captivates


Relations are painful realizations of life

Those which have name hollow by time

Those which don’t have name, strengthen by time.

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