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Meeting with charismatic personalities – Major Dilawar Singh & Mr. Dinesh Barot

#15DaysofGratitude DAY ONE – Child Of True Lovers

कबीर संगत साधु की,
नित प्रति कीजै जाय |

दुरमति दूर बहावासी,
देशी सुमति बताय ||

I was fortunate to present Child of True Lovers to two wonderful souls whom I can call the men with a great mission in the month of January 2019.

Major General Dilawar Singh is the Advisor and Director of the National Level Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Defence, Homeland, Security, Sports, Youth Affairs and New Technologies. He has the #worldrecord of encountering the maximum number of #terrorist !

We discussed the Indian Economy and Industrialization. He also shared many stories of his life.

What a personality and out! Blessed to meet him ???????? The best part was when he honored me by draping with his shawl ????

All this was possible by meeting this wonderful person from Gujarat. It’s easy to meet ‘great’ people but its actually very difficult to meet ‘good’ ones! He is a few of them. Mr. Dinesh Barot is an educationist who is working for Peace. Mr. Barot is also a renowned personality awarded with recognition all round the world. He is also a Chief-editor of Indian Aurora.

Know about the Book – Child of True Lovers

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