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Ayushi Singh honored by the title of ‘PRIDE OF PRAYAGRAJ’

Ayushi Singh the Author of Child of True Lovers has been recently honored by the title of ‘Pride of Prayagraj’ by Ex Vice-Chancellor of Allahabad University Prof. RL Hangloo, Ex Education Minister of Uttar Pradesh NKS Gaur and Prof. Rajendra Prasad, Vice-Chancellor Allahabad State University. About the Book – Child of True Lovers This book …

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Author of 2019 | Most Inspiring Author 2020 by NE8x – Ayushi Singh

Won the title for Author of the Year2019 and Most Inspiring Author of 2020 at the NE8x Online Litfest 2019 edition for the book Child Of True LoversThankYou Universe and Each Element of it! <3 Cheers to all my family members and friends 😀 Letter From the founder of NE8x

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Chief Guest Ayushi Singh at Aditya Srivastava’s Public Speaking Workshop|Event Report

#15DaysofGratitude DAY FOUR “It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.” Mark Twain Public Speaking is a talent but without knowlege, it’s disorganized and you may not connect with the audience very well. The result is FAIL! At times we are great in one to one conversations but bad when we …

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Featured Guest Speaker with SPARK TALKS & THE WALKING PAGES

#15DaysOfGratitude – Day Three with Spark Talks and The Walking Pages I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book, -rightly said by JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series. It took me a long time to learn from my experiences and observations. Without any guidance, it’s very difficult …

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Meeting with charismatic personalities – Major Dilawar Singh & Mr. Dinesh Barot

#15DaysofGratitude DAY ONE – Child Of True Lovers कबीर संगत साधु की,नित प्रति कीजै जाय |दुरमति दूर बहावासी,देशी सुमति बताय || I was fortunate to present Child of True Lovers to two wonderful souls whom I can call the men with a great mission in the month of January 2019. Major General Dilawar Singh is …

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Event | Penaroma Inauguration | Ayushi Singh

Penaroma- The Pen’s World organized an Inauguration Ceremony & Poetry Recitation on 11 March, 2018 at Gandhi Peace Foundation, ITO, New Delhi. Together we share a dream Blissful and illuminated with words of wisdom Where words turn into stars , Their light dispelling darkness and fear, Oblivious to all barriers and prejudices Where a sandal …

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DIPAYAN LODH , A Wizard with a Wand of Paint Brush !

In this digital era where we play with just pixel data, Team Ayushi Singh was amazed to find the talent like Dipayan Lodh! We are not only honored to have you featured on our platform, however, we are blessed that artist like you is still keeping the Traditional Art alive. I have seen many…but none like …

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Featured Author | Arasi Kamaldeen

First time on the platform we are featuring our friend from beyond borders! We congratulate Kamaldeen Arasi for participating in the contest and getting featured. We love his writing style and especially the intention behind that art piece. Let’s know more about Kamaldeen! About the Author  Let’s know more about the Author in his own words! Full …